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“…Stem Cell Rejuvenation Therapy is one of the most sought after

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What is PRP?

PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma

Also known as PRFM or Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix, comes from your own blood. It uses your own blood derived growth factors to activate stem cells that encourage a cascade of accelerated healing and rejuvenation to the areas placed.

The procedure involves drawing out one’s own blood and isolating the plasma and platelets. The  contents of your blood are rich with life-giving fundamental growth factors designed to restore and strengthen you as they prove useful in tissue regeneration and healing.

Benefits of PRP and Amniotic Extracellular Matrix:

  • Non-surgical, Natural Healing and Rejuvenation of all tissue….. skin, face, hair, joints, hands, sexual organs, scars…. & more!
  • Safe for all skin types and ethnicities
  • Extreme collagen production and repair
  • Neovascularization- growth of new health blood vessels for improved oxygenation, nutrient delivery, & detoxification
  • Improves quality of skin, improves tone, evens pigmentations, improves texture and GLOW!
  • Improves hair follicles, organ function, and regeneration!
  • No risks of injury, infection or reaction with your own blood!
  • Multiple sessions create exponential REAL RESULTS!
  • No thinning or damaging of tissue risks related to laser and surgery.

Amnion Extracellular Matrix – Amnion Rejuvenation for >10 times the concentration of Anti-Aging Regenerative growth factors!

Human amniotic membrane has been used in medicine for over 100 years, and is now also used to treat difficult-to-heal wounds and soft tissue injuries. When used in surgery, amniotic membrane can be used as a natural biological membrane at the surgical site which aids in reducing inflammation and scarring.

PRP boosted with Amnion refers to the combination of the patient’s own platelet rich plasma PRP plus the addition of extremely safe, tested and sterilized donor amnion, injected into an area where advanced tissue regeneration and repair is necessary and desired. The amnion product is obtained by maternal donation from healthy live births delivered via planned C section. It is screened rigorously to rule out communicable disease, and is sterilized further multiple times prior to release as Vampire Amnion for injection. This amnion contains many proteins (collagen and growth factors) which support tissue regeneration and healing. The amniotic membrane or “amnion” is a thin tough sac of membrane that protects the embryo during pregnancy against any injuries that can lead to fetal death. The amniotic membrane is the only tissue designed by nature specifically as a universal transplant, protecting the baby and ensuring acceptance by the mother’s immune system. The membrane itself consists of a combination of tissue layers with protective and therapeutic properties, making amnion a unique membrane in the human body.


At Rejuvenate 528 Regenerative Aesthetics we currently offer the following PRP procedures:

The Vampire Series

Add Amnion for the ultimate BOOST in the Youngest growth factors, stem cell recruitment and rejuvenation from the Inside Out!


“I wanted fresher, more youthful skin, so I contacted Rejuvenate 528. We talked about a micro-needling process called Vampire Facial, which uses platelet-rich plasma to refresh the skin. I recently completed the first of three treatments. There’s very little discomfort, and it definitely works. I feel so much better about myself. You get fresher, healthier, more youthful skin without that ‘frozen face’ or extreme reactions you get with other treatments. The results are remarkable: subtle, natural and beautiful.” -Gayle Sharp

Platelet Rich Plasma is very versatile with a wide range of rejuvenation applications

We also use PRP Platelet Rich Plasma & Amnion treatments for:


“Sheri is fantastic!!! I have had several sessions with her PRP treatment and couldn’t be happier with the results. Highly recommend for hair restoration and facial rejuvenation!!!!” -Shawn Michaels

PRP Contraindications: You should not have PRP treatment if you have any of the following conditions: Skin conditions and diseases including: Facial cancer, existing or uncured. This includes SCC, BCC and Melanoma, systemic cancer, chemotherapy, steroid therapy, dermatological diseases affecting the face (i.e. Porphyria), Blood disorders and platelet abnormalities, Anticoagulation therapy (i.e. Warfarin).

Learn how these Safe and Natural procedures can benefit you on your Rejuvenation Transformation. PRP stem cell rejuvenation therapies are so versatile and can be combined together for same day procedures!


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Additional treatments that compliment PRP:

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