Documented Effects of Microcurrent

Some of the Physiologic Effects of microcurrent documented by scientific research*:

  • Faster & more efficient wound healing
  • Boosting ATP production in the cells (Energy boost)
  • Microcurrent may support function in healing eye diseases
  • Polarized microcurrent used to shrink cancerous tumors
  • Helping kill bacterial infections in wounds
  • Strengthening tendons
  • Better bone healing
  • Releasing energetic blockage through the body

Microcurrent Therapies use a unique combination of dual streams of microcurrent and specific colors of light creates a “high-low Hz” biological resonance effect, targeting specific body tissues and systems coined Microlight treatments.

This goes beyond anything previously possible to quickly relieve pain, help healing and recapture a beautiful image for anti-aging rejuvenation with our Energy Light Rejuvenation Series a relaxing, yet invigorating “energy facial” for whole body balance and harmony.

Both light energy and subtle electrical energy are transported throughout the body with this revolutionary Microlight technology, using the Acutron Mentor, Class II FDA approved medical device that can be found on Airforce One. Our clinical experience confirms that these two forms of energy stimulation may be administered together, and significantly enhance each other’s effects giving lifted, more vibrant tissue for restoring youth and a noticeable ‘GLOW’!


Fully customized Microcurrent Frequencies with Color Light Therapy has been shown to decrease pain levels, improve sleep, create emotional and hormonal balance, increase cellular ATP by up to 500% for more energy and improved performance.

This is all Non-Invasive with zero downtime.

Vibrational healing methods represent new ways of dealing with illness. Practitioners of subtle energy medicine attempt to correct dysfunction in the human organism by manipulating invisible yet integral levels of human structure and function.

Microcurrent is unparalleled for pain relief, promotion of increased collagen production, non-needle acupuncture and accelerated rehabilitation after injuries and with neuro-degenerative conditions.

Color Light enhances cellular and organ functioning, ATP production and facilitation of various mind-body healing processes.

There is extensive research available on the physiologic effects of microcurrent & color light. By adding color to the specific frequencies known to work in microcurrent you can improve the flow of energy and information that travel rapidly through the body.

Even better, with this combination — whether electro-acupuncture or facial rejuvenation session, ELR — more is affected than just your physical health and beauty.

In fact, the combination of color light and electrotherapy in specific frequencies also provides much needed ease to the large amounts of stress now the norm of modern living.

How does color heal the body?

Photons (light particles) and phonons (sound particles) have been shown to be integral parts of the body’s amazing internal communication network. This “living matrix” also includes neuro-peptides such as hormones and neurotransmitters. Research in Russia has confirmed that light actually travels through the meridian system, as has been confirmed using sensitive test equipment called a photo-multiplier.

Each color (wavelength) of light carries information to the cells of the body, and gently triggers improved functions. For example, the liver is very sensitive to Red and Green light. Red stimulates a sluggish, weakened liver, while Green reduces inflammation and helps smooth the flow of Qi, or life energy associated with the liver. Orange light helps treat hypo-thyroid conditions with fatigue, weight gain and dry skin by boosting thyroid hormone output, while Indigo light has the opposite effect, reducing hyper-thyroid conditions such as nervousness, weight loss and goiter. Healing at the core of everything, light dancing beautifully at electron speed!

The application of microcurrent and color light through acupuncture points has been shown to be particularly powerful for shortening treatment times and improving results for acute and chronic pain patients and for facial rejuvenation anti-aging treatments.


This is an image of the 528 Hertz Water Harmonic illustrating the radiant beautiful shape of the 528 Hz frequency when projected through water! Since approximately 60% of our body is water, can you imagine how it could feel when bathed and balanced in this transformational frequency? 528 Hz has been scientifically shown to repair damaged DNA, with the frequency of the ultimate healer = LOVE = vibration of 528 Hz (cycles per second)!! One of the 6 ancient and restorative Solfeggio Frequencies held sacred to those who understand that these frequencies were used to create the Universe. We frequently use this frequency with Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine ‘PNE’ Balancing and Energy Light Rejuvenation sessions!

“We now know the love signal, 528 Hertz, is among the six core creative frequencies of the universe because math doesn’t lie, the geometry of physical reality universally reflects this musical mathematics, we have carbon-6 hexagonal sacred geometrics empirically-evidencing this thesis, and DNA is circular and spirals in accordance with this most powerful force of nature. Theoretically, damaged DNA has no other choice but to follow the path of least resistance and vibrate back into its most natural normal state,” – Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

Applications of Microlight Therapy

Valuable applications of Microlight Therapy have been demonstrated and used in clinical practice since it’s inception in 2002*:

  • Rapid pain relief
  • Facial & whole-body rejuvenation and anti-aging effects
  • Promoting weight loss in conjunction with nutritional programs
  • Pediatric treatment
  • Accelerated rehab after injuries or neurological degenerative diseases
  • PNE balancing
  • Veterinary treatments

MIcrolight works to relieve blockages and pain by clearing poor circulation and stagnation of Qi (Vital Energy) and Blood in a similar manner to Acupunture. Another effect of microcurrent is to reduce electrical resistance in the body areas which it is applied. It is also likely that this effect allows for better penetration of the therapeutic color light deep into the centers of treatment.*

* References as cited in the book ‘Healing the Root of Pain-A Non-Drug Solution for Depression, Anxiety and Chronic Pain Using the Power of Vibrational Medicine’, 2013. Darren Starwynn, O.M.D,

Some of the Microlight Therapies offered at Rejuvenate 528 include:


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