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Rejuvenate 528 is a professional Regenerative Aesthetics medical clinic in Sarasota, Florida offering anti-aging, aesthetic and rejuvenation services to express a renewed inner vibrance and outer beauty. Combining the best in Integrative, Functional, Vibrational and Aesthetic Medicine modalities to assist you in becoming the best version of You! Happy, Healthy, and Rejuvenated! This is not your average Medspa! Come find out why!

At Rejuvenate 528 we practice what we preach and want to help you reach your personal aesthetics goals! Contact Us about our rejuvenation Services!

Re·ju·ve·nate - /rəˈjo͞ovəˌnāt/

  1. : to make young or youthful again : give new vigor to
  2. : to restore to an original or new state

528 hertz - Proven Scientifically to Repair DNA. The frequency of Transformation, Miracles, & Love = The Ultimate Healer.

Meet our Wellness Team

We are a fun bunch here to assist you on your Journey of Rejuvenation to look and feel your absolute best!

Sheri Suiter Rejuvenate 528 Aesthetic Medical Clinic

Sheri Suiter, PA-C, MS, CLT

Rejuvenate 528 Founder & CEO

Advanced Injector and Aesthetic Specialist

Growing up in Michigan, PA Sheri Suiter has a significant love for the outdoors and all of nature's sacred beauty! At 2 years old when she started drawing, her passion for the arts was evident and she was hooked. Though she did not pursue a career as a traditional artist, her keen eye for aesthetic beauty has guided her to blend math and science with the arts, a perfect union in Aesthetic Medicine.

PA Sheri Suiter graduated from Western Michigan with a Masters of Science in Medicine and is nationally board certified by the NCCPA. She is an ongoing student and practitioner under The Micro-Light Institute as well as The Institute for Functional Medicine, and fully Certified from the National Laser Institute. She has been a practicing Physician Associate for over 19 years with experience in Cardiology, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Psychiatry, Functional Medicine and Aesthetics. She was a pioneer in Oahu at the Queens Medical Center as the first Cardiology PA in Hawaii. After relocating to Denver in 2006, she had an opportunity to train with world renowned plastic surgeons Dr. John Grossman and Dr. Philippe Capraro refining her aesthetic touch.

She brings a wide range of skills and abilities to her long held vision of making REJUVENATE 528 Regenerative Aesthetics a culmination of everything she loves to do creating Beauty From The Inside Out! Specializing in stem cell rejuvenation therapies using your own PRP, she would love to sit down and get to know you and create a plan together. Contact us to get started!

Rejuvenate 528 Aesthetic Medica l Clinic Receptionist

Daisy Lyn

The Receptionist

I'm not very good at my job, so if I don't answer right away please leave a message, I work from home so I may be taking a cat nap or stalking geckos. But don't worry if I miss a call, your message will be received,  and we will get back to you and take care of all your rejuvenation needs!

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Skin n Ink

A valuable resource here with us,  aesthetic artiste Dianna Kunis, founder of Skin n' Ink, is well known for Microblading, gorgeous customized Permanent Makeup,  greatest new brow technique called Powder Brow, Facial Waxing, Lip enhancement, Lash Tinting, Teeth Whitening, Facials and more! She puts the icing on the cake to enhance your features!

Rejuvenate 528 and Life XL Medical Director Dr. Lazos Popovski

Dr Lazo Pipovski MD

Medical Director

Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Nephrology


We are partnered with and share a space with the wonderful team at LifeXL Functional Medicine Clinic. When you walk in the door you will be greeted with a warm friendly smile and a hello from Sue our rockstar. Dr. Pipovski and Bethany Kupleska, MA give extraordinary care at LifeXL offering a wide range of services from Primary Care,  treatments for Menopause, Andropause, Hypothyroidism, ThermiVa, Thermismooth, EPAT modalities, Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets for men & women, Erectile Dysfunction, IV Nutritional Therapy, Medical Weightloss and more...

Dr. Pipovski is a very well respected physician in Sarasota and the surrounding communities. He has a very kind and patient bedside manner  and will spend the time to listen and create a plan of wellness with you. Available for all of your Internal Medicine and Functional Medicine needs!

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"Faces are all about genetics, genetics are about biology, biology is about physiology, physiology is about physics, and physics is about mathematics; therefore, faces are all about math. Math is Beauty."

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