Female Rejuvenation

Rejuvenate 528 was designed to help women look and feel their best. All of our services are geared towards helping you achieve your Rejuvenation goals. With many services and packages including the following:

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Stem Cell Rejuvenation Therapies

Cutting Edge Rejuvenation Procedures with your own PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma or PRFM - Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix & Amniotic membrane. A powerful blend of concentrated growth factors and activation of Stem Cells from your own body maximizing your healing potential! The Vampire rejuvenation series utilizes this revolutionary PRP technology once reserved exclusively for the stars!

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Advanced Injectables

Learn the mathematics of BeautiPHIcation. Utilizing a pair of Golden Mean Calipers, similar to the ones used by Leonardo Da Vinci, we  do a facial analysis to maximize your balance and beauty potential. Get a personalized and custom treatment plan for Rejuvenation and Restoration.

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Microlight and Vibrational Medicine Therapies

Fully customized Microcurrent Frequencies with Color Light Therapy, known as Microlight, has been shown to decrease pain levels, improve sleep, create emotional and hormonal balance, increase cellular ATP by up to 500% for more energy and improved performance. Non-Invasive with zero downtime.

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Book a BeautiPHIcation Consultation or Schedule a Treatment Today!

Get close to picture perfect facial measurements with a pair of Golden Mean Calipers to find your potential to restore balance, harmony and symmetry through Divine Proportion.

"Faces are all about genetics, genetics are about biology, biology is about physiology, physiology is about physics, and physics is about mathematics; therefore, faces are all about math. Math is Beauty."

Understanding the Universal Concept of Beauty known as PHI